About HGN

July 2009. A student from Europe just finished reading The Hunger Games and LOVED it so much, she decided to make a Twitter account to post news about The Hunger Games and to talk about it with other fans. But soon after she opened the Twitter account, she forgot about it and didn’t post anything on it for over a year. A few months after she finished Catching Fire, she decided to check her hungergames email & Twitter account again and she saw she had got tons of emails from other Hunger Games fans and got a lot of mentions on Twitter. So she started emailing and Tweeting again.

Finally, she came to the conclusion that she wanted a larger platform to write about the books she loves. So she registered at WordPress.com and made an account. A lot of awesome people helped and are still helping her out. (that is why we refer as “we” a lot) And yeah, I’m totally talking about me as a she right now, but does anyone really cares?

So we’re now trying to build an awesome website for you guys and we love love love you to share things with us about everything. So keep Tweeting, emailing and commenting and make us bigger.

Thanks for visiting this website and reading this uninteresting story about me.

Also, if you think we/i’m awesome: Vote!

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