To sleep 4 2 days

Have you actually SEEN what day it is?Its the twenty-second of August. Do you actually KNOW what this means? It means we:
a) are going to have to sleep for 2 days in a row
b) just wait until it is August 24th

I’ve been thinking all day about the first two books; what a sweet boy Peeta is, hoe unnecessary Gale is (at least the
love triangle thing is. i mean; come on. Who is ever going to be team Gale?), how i still dont know how I really feel about Katniss, how weird the names are in this book, how Green Day’s Peacemaker should definitely be somewhere in the movie for The Hunger Games, how actually the whole 21st Century Breakdown album should be in it (yeah, some lyrics doesn’t make any sense if it comes to the movie, but just throw it in so once in a while), how I would love to play Katniss but can’t act and last but not least, how much I hope Katniss will love Peeta and I mean like, really love Peeta.

That’s it for today, still so excited for Mockingjay!

Loooooove to hear your thoughts!


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