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Have you seen what day it is? Yesterday it was the 14th of August. So the 10 days countdown could begin! So, now, after a long night, we only have to wait for 9 more days! Did you pre-ordered Mockingjay already? You really should.

Wow! I’ve got a lot of responses on the post; ‘your actor suggestions’. So I promise you; I will make an other post with the rest of your suggestions very soon!

Also, a lot of you asked me what MY actor suggestions are. So, here it goes;

Well, although I think a lot of actresses fit Katniss very well;
Like Ellen Page, who is a little bit older than Katniss, but she still looks young enough to play her and of course is a phenomenal actress.
Then, you’ve got Kristen Stewart, who a lot of you suggest. I dont think she should play Katniss. She’s done Twilight and although that’s a totally different story, I think a lot of Twilighters read The Hunger Games so it would be kind of strange to see “Bella” as Katniss. But Kristen Stewart does have a lot of different looks so she could pul it off. (and I really want to agree with Yelena; The Hunger Games will be the new Twilight 😉 )Peeta

For Peeta; the only guy I want to play Peeta, is the animation of Peeta on the book cover. So please please please send me a photo of someone who looks exactly like that. ^_^

I don’t mind if Katniss looks slightly different from her animation on the book cover. I don’t know; I really just can’t imagine Peeta look differently.

To be honest; my conclusion is just that The Hunger Games should have open auditions so we will see fresh faces. And that would make it more believable, I guess.

I still like to hear your suggestions for actors!



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