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Soooo, is everyone busy reading? I’d love to hear all of your thoughts, but remember; do not and I really mean this; do NOT write spoilers unless you mark them like a big fat SPOILER. Our favourite is with a note of exclamation.

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Tomorrow, there will be fire

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Can you believe it’s just one more day? I dont have much more to say, actually 😀 Just that I can’t wait to read the final book of The Hunger Games.

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If I don’t post tomorrow, that just means I’m reading. ^_^


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To sleep 4 2 days

Have you actually SEEN what day it is?Its the twenty-second of August. Do you actually KNOW what this means? It means we:
a) are going to have to sleep for 2 days in a row
b) just wait until it is August 24th

I’ve been thinking all day about the first two books; what a sweet boy Peeta is, hoe unnecessary Gale is (at least the
love triangle thing is. i mean; come on. Who is ever going to be team Gale?), how i still dont know how I really feel about Katniss, how weird the names are in this book, how Green Day’s Peacemaker should definitely be somewhere in the movie for The Hunger Games, how actually the whole 21st Century Breakdown album should be in it (yeah, some lyrics doesn’t make any sense if it comes to the movie, but just throw it in so once in a while), how I would love to play Katniss but can’t act and last but not least, how much I hope Katniss will love Peeta and I mean like, really love Peeta.

That’s it for today, still so excited for Mockingjay!

Loooooove to hear your thoughts!

My actor suggestions + 9 days!

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Have you seen what day it is? Yesterday it was the 14th of August. So the 10 days countdown could begin! So, now, after a long night, we only have to wait for 9 more days! Did you pre-ordered Mockingjay already? You really should.

Wow! I’ve got a lot of responses on the post; ‘your actor suggestions’. So I promise you; I will make an other post with the rest of your suggestions very soon!

Also, a lot of you asked me what MY actor suggestions are. So, here it goes;

Well, although I think a lot of actresses fit Katniss very well;
Like Ellen Page, who is a little bit older than Katniss, but she still looks young enough to play her and of course is a phenomenal actress.
Then, you’ve got Kristen Stewart, who a lot of you suggest. I dont think she should play Katniss. She’s done Twilight and although that’s a totally different story, I think a lot of Twilighters read The Hunger Games so it would be kind of strange to see “Bella” as Katniss. But Kristen Stewart does have a lot of different looks so she could pul it off. (and I really want to agree with Yelena; The Hunger Games will be the new Twilight 😉 )Peeta

For Peeta; the only guy I want to play Peeta, is the animation of Peeta on the book cover. So please please please send me a photo of someone who looks exactly like that. ^_^

I don’t mind if Katniss looks slightly different from her animation on the book cover. I don’t know; I really just can’t imagine Peeta look differently.

To be honest; my conclusion is just that The Hunger Games should have open auditions so we will see fresh faces. And that would make it more believable, I guess.

I still like to hear your suggestions for actors!



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Update of the day

So, there is not much news in the land of The Hunger Games. But, as the days go by; the release of Mockingjay is getting closer!

Also, check out this interview with Suzanne Collins by Entertainment Weekly!

So, to keep things exciting; here are some things a Hunger Games fan might love! (if you don’t; let us know what you do love, maybe we can check that out for you later!)

Harry Potter vs. Twilight Emma Watson
So; who is excited for the first part of the last Harry Potter? Ánd the first part of the last Twilight! (well, unless Midnight Sun will be released by Stephenie Meyer or maybe there will be a movie about Bree Tenner; who knows?)
Harry Potter will come out (USA release) 18 November 2010! So that’s just a few months of waiting.
Too bad, Breaking Dawn – Part 1 will be released more than a year away; 11-11-11 (is anyone getting married that day?)

In the mean time you can answer this question list: (if you’re not waiting for the movies, you can also fill it in because you’re bored or something.)

Hermione or Bella?
Hogwarts or Forks?
Wizards or vampires?
Daniel Radcliffe or Robert Pattinson?
J.K. Rowling or Stephenie Meyer?
So: Harry Potter or Twilight?

You can of course make this question list on your own, but if you want to share, you can do this:
– Comment on this post
– E-mail us:

But the most fun is of course comment on this post! If a lot of you share your question list with us, then maybe I’ll make a new post with your answers!

I know a lot of people already make Twilight vs. The Hunger Games polls. Well, we don’t do that yet. But don’t worry, someday… (and this is a post about what Hunger Games fans might like, but for the rest; this post is not Hunger Games related.)

Do you love clothes? Well, we do!
If you’ve got a little bit left of your summer break, then some fun stores to shop your last minute summer clothing:
– H&M – always good, right?
– Topshop!
– Primark – cheap and you will look pretty!
(I’m kind of out of inspiration, but I will post more soon!)

So, have fun with this and let me know what we could do better! And let me know what other fans of The Hunger Games like!

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Your actor suggestions

On our Twitter account (Follow us on Twitter!) we asked you, already about a year ago, who you think should play our favourite characters from one of our favourite books. So; who should play Katniss, Peeta, Gale? Prim? And we’ve got a lot of suggestions from you through Twitter and e-mail. So, here are some of people you want to see in The Hunger Games Movie. So far all you’ve send me are actor suggestions for Katniss and Peeta, but you can still give suggestions! So comment on this post, message on Twitter or e-mail!

Katniss Everdeen

Kristen StewartKristen Stewart
20 years old
Actress in The Panic Room, The Twilight Saga and The Runaways.

Annasophia Robb
16 years old
Actress in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Spy School and Jumper.

Saoirse Ronan
16 years old
Actress in The Lovely Bones, Atonement and I Could Never Be Your Woman.

Peeta Mellark

Skandar KeynessAustin Robert Butler
18 years old (almost 19!)
Known for a lot of guest starring in television shows from Disney Channel, didn’t have his big breakthrough yet (correct me if I’m wrong)

Skandar Keynes
18 years old
Actor in The Chronicles of Narnia!

Is already one of your favourites suggested? Or do you have a much greater actor/actress in mind? And who do you want for Gale, Haymitch, Prim etc.? Send them to us and we’ll update you soon!

Send us more suggestions:

– Comment below
– Mention us on Twitter
– E-mail us:



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Message from Suzanne Collins

Scholastic NY posted a Tweet today about a message from Suzanne Collins. On the weblog On Our Minds @ Scholastic, the following message from Suzanne Collins was posted:

“Dear Readers,

I can’t tell you how excited I am for the release of Mockingjay on August 24th, and how grateful I am for all the anticipation that’s been expressed in advance of the release date. One of the most important things to me is that everyone in the world is going to be able to experience the final book of The Hunger Games all at the same time, and be able to discover what happens in the book without hearing about it elsewhere first. Word will certainly travel fast, but I urge you – before or immediately after August 24th – to please respect the other Hunger Games fans worldwide and avoid sharing any spoilers, so that the conclusion of Katniss’s story can unfold for each reader the way it was meant to unfold.

I am eagerly looking forward to August 24th and the entrance of Mockingjay in the world. Then (and only then) let the conversations begin!

Suzanne Collins”

So people: No Spoilers, Please!